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What We Offer

Products & Services

  • Top Notch Custom Farming Services
  • Competitively Priced Fertilizer & Crop Protection Products
  • Revenue Enhancing Specialty/Premium Grain Program

A Shared Perspective...

As farmers and landowners ourselves, we seek out opportunities for farming operations. We want to see your farm succeed, and your commitment to it sustained.

Our Promise...

We think about your bottom line first.  We look for value through efficiency and recommend products based on what your farm and crop need (not what we can sell you).

A Unique Opportunity..

Take advantage of our unique offering and grow your value per acre with farm products and custom farming services in one stop.

Since the late 1800s, and now spanning three centuries, six generations of the Gripp family have farmed in Illinois's Bureau and Henry counties and the surrounding area.  We know farming. We care about the success of our farms and yours.

Talk to us about a solution for your farm's future.

(Above: Robert Gripp & grandson Chase Gripp, circa 2001)

Our History

2013 -- Chase Gripp Harvesting

1960 -- Robert Gripp Harvesting