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Finding Solutions For Your Farm

Profit Maximization

Core Value

Gripp Custom Farming, headed by Chad Gripp, who today also leads the Gripp family farming operation, is dedicated to the needs of farmers and landowners.  We care about the land and about helping you create the value you need to sustain your commitment to your farm and operation.

Because we too are farmers and landowners, we share your perspective.  And because we offer all the products and services that go into raising and harvesting a crop, we are uniquely positioned to package the solution with the best value for your acres.

  • Fertilizer & Crop Protection -- A full range of competitively priced products, plus an economical full service application program

  • Quality Farming Services -- Everything needed for a full crop year, including tillage, fertilizer & crop protection application, planting, and harvesting

Stephanie Gripp and horse Juice.

  • Bundled pricing -- Gain efficiency with one stop shopping for everything you need to raise a crop



  • Specialty Grain/Premium Program -- Increase the bottom line per acre with all aspects of growing and harvesting a specialty or premium crop handled for you.